Dogs are not natural wild animals. Dogs are domesticated mammals and descendants of wolves. They have been with humans for a long time and were the first animals to be domesticated. Dogs are very intelligent animals and very useful in hunting wild animals. According to scientists, a dog’s sense of smell is approximately between 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than human beings. The most significant reason is that the dog has 50 scent receptors. Aside from their great abilities, dogs can be a bit too much if they are not trained properly. They sometimes misbehave so as fur parents, we must help them behave in a good way. 

Here are the benefits of training your dog

  • It will help you to manage your pet easily 

Teaching them basic commands such as heel, sit, stay, etc., and allowing them to join obedience classes will help them to cope up with everyday situations. Enrolling them in an obedience school can improve their knowledge on how to behave in public, stay calm, and how to greet people. This is not only beneficial to your pet but also to your family. You don’t need to shout at them just to stop them from misbehaving and put them in a cage whenever you have visitors in your house. 

  • You will be closer to your pet 

According to statistics, owners with well behaved pets get more satisfaction and have a stronger bond with their pets. Training builds confidence. It provides mental stimulation and strengthens the human-animal bond. Did you know that mental stimulation is a significant part of a dog’s overall well-being. As a result, It will give you more pleasure from dog ownership. You will likely be more clingy and closer with your dog. 

  • You and your dog will be much safer 

Unexpected events might change something in your life. You must prepare your pet for this kind of situation. A well-trained dog has a lower risk of getting attacked by other dogs, hit by a vehicle, or when you decide to give them up for adoption. To make sure your dog will be more secure and your family. Trying to teach them basic tricks such as Stay, Sit, Come and Behave can give them patience and behave in a well-mannered way. 

  • It’s simply entertaining and educational

One thing is certain: obedience lessons and home training are a lot of fun! Everything about it will appeal to both you and your dog. Some obedience schools even host enjoyable events such as dog training history talks, social BBQs, and competitions. There are always new things to learn, new strategies to apply, and new gadgets and toys to try out, whether you’re a rookie pet owner or someone who has spent their entire life with dogs.

  • You’ll have a friendly and happy dog.

One of the nicest gifts you can offer your dog is to teach it how to interact with other dogs. It is critical to learn “dog language” to socialize and get along with other dogs. Dogs are more likely to be found on walks, in parks, at veterinarian offices and kennels, or in puppy motels. If your dog has no other animal family or companions to learn from, you’ll have to teach them how to behave in obedience training. These will guarantee that your dog interacts with other animals healthily and safely.

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