Do you still remember your first pet? is it a cat? a bird? or a dog?. Most of us experience having a dog in our family. Dogs are man’s best friends because of their warmth and innocence. Their loyalty and braveness give us a feeling of bliss. Among domesticated animals, It is indeed that dogs are the most protective, helpful, lifesaving, and a great companion. According to, the world’s largest population of dogs is in the USA with a large number of over 69 million, followed by China with over 27 million, Russia with a total number over 12 million, Japan with an exact number of 12 million, and lastly, The Philippines over 11 million dogs. Look how many fur babies we have around the world. 

Dogs have demonstrated how loyal, kind, and understanding they are. They have a heart of gold and an indomitable spirit. They are always excited whenever they see us home and greet us happily. Dogs are loving and have unconditional love for us. 

so here are the facts that you might not know about the man’s best friend: 

  1. Petting a dog can be beneficial to your physical and mental well-being. Petting a dog for 15 minutes has been found in studies to lower blood pressure by 10%, as well as reduce stress, depression, and loneliness.
  2. Cancer and other diseases in humans can be detected by dogs who have been taught. Cancerous cells in the human body produce different metabolic waste products than healthy cells. Dogs may be able to detect cancer cells just by smelling their owner’s breath.
  3. Do you own a dog who suffers from separation anxiety? Try leaving some of your used clothing with him. The aroma you leave on your clothes has been shown to assist your dog cope with separation anxiety.
  4. Chocolate contains the chemical theobromine, which can be fatal to dogs. Because dogs are unable to metabolize theobromine, taking chocolate could result in a toxic accumulation in their system that could be lethal.
  5. Dogs are aware of the passage of time. It has been established that they can tell the difference between an hour and five. They can forecast future events, such as regular walk times if they are trained to do so.

 It is indeed that dogs are man’s best friend. They become part of our families that have touched the lives of many. Over thousands of years, humans and dogs have established a deep and genuine relationship. We feel unconditional love and joy whenever we are with them. They became our great companions without asking anything in return. 

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