Our beloved pets have been a part of our lives and become one of our family members. They have been there to make us happy and comfort us whenever we need someone to be by our side. Pets do not only give peace and joy to our lives, but they touch our lives in many different ways. National Pet Month is celebrated in different parts of the world. Celebrations from different parts of the world give tribute to our beloved pets. Japan celebrates Cat Day on February 22 and Thailand celebrates National Elephant Month on March 13. While on the other part of the world they also celebrate their pet holiday. In Latvia, Zirgu Diena (Horse Day) on January 17, Italy celebrates Hedgehog day on February 02, and Poland’s “Day of help to forest animals” on February 11. These are just examples of pet holidays and celebrations. In America, they celebrate national pet month in May while in the United Kingdom in April. 

Why do people celebrate National Pet Month?

In celebration of national pet month, pet owners gather and showcase their beloved pets across the town. In The United Kingdom, National Pet Month is an awareness of responsible pet ownership through educational campaigns and resources across various platforms. It runs from April to May annually through numerous media outlets. The advocacy of National Pet Month continues all year round. They continue to create informative and significant content for both experienced and new pet owners alike. 

Things to do during National Pet Month

  • Take lots of photos

Taking a snap of our beloved pet takes a lot of effort. Timing is everything. You have to be attentive to take the perfect shot of your pet. My advice is to let them roam around the place. Follow them around with your camera or phone then snap a photo or video enjoying their time with other pets. Print these photos and put them in a frame or maybe hang them on a thread in your room. 

  • Explore 

You can go to a pet-friendly cafe or restaurant in the city. It is a chance for you and your pet to enjoy. Have fun and experience new things together with your beloved pet. 

  • Try outdoor activities

Trying new things is not a bad idea. Your pet dog might want to go play in the park or maybe go to a water park to experience playing in the swimming pool. You can also try teaching your pet new tricks. It might be a good day to do it. 

  • Doga

Many yoga studios have started to provide Doga Classes, in which you can practice yoga with your dog. You might also attempt yoga at home with your cat if you want to. 

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